Our Premium Lenses & Coatings

All of our lenses are sourced from top UK-based ophthalmic manufacturers who employ the most advanced technologies and processes to supply and manufacture a wide range of lenses and coatings to the highest standards. We are pleased to offer the following lens and coating options to optimise your sporting experience and visual acuity:

Our Lens Options

Clear Lenses

Perfect for when true, precision vision is required, e.g. everyday use, indoor activities or low-light conditions. Versatile across all seasons and settings.


Ideal for athletes that move between environments. Running, hiking or cycling through changing weather, cover and daypart will put your eyes to the test - chose lenses that adapt, providing UV protection and the best vision in every circumstance.

Tinted Lenses

The 'Yellow/Amber' spectrum of lens tints protect from blue light and brightness, increase clarity perception and reduce glare and eye fatigue - ideal for a range of sports.


Protects eyes from UV, reducing the effect of UV-A and UV-B rays by 100%. Perfect for low sunlight, water reflection and the snow. Reduces eye strain and fatigue while enhancing visual clarity and comfort. Improves colour saturation and contrast without distortion.

Option for a semi-transparent mirror coating to be applied to the convex surface of the lens.

Performance Lens Coating Options


Repels liquids, including water and grease, which bead and roll off the surface of the lens. Up to eight times easier to clean than a standard lens coating, repelling dirt, dust, water and grease.


Protection against glare and reflections, with optimised light transmission, providing exceptional quality of vision.


This coating acts as a protective barrier from everyday wear and tear, a key benefit for athletes who don't like to stick to the beaten track, or need resilience in their kit-bag